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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning today has taken on many new dimensions that never had to be considered by earlier generations. For one, people are living longer. Longer life spans have created a number of new issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning for retirement.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of selecting a mix of asset classes that closely matches an investor’s financial profile in terms of their investment preferences and tolerance for risk.

Saving For College

As the cost of a college education continues to rise, outpacing the rate of inflation, it is becoming beyond the reach of most people unless they have planned early on. For people starting a college savings plan today, questions arise as to the best way to save.

Josh Fleming, CFP® Wealth Manager

LPL Financial Advisor
I was born in Abilene, TX and raised next door in Callahan County. Abilene and the surrounding area has always been my home. I attended college at...

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